1. You do not need a reason to cry.

2. Gentle hands cupping your face, pressing a warm mug of cocoa into your chest, and curling around your trembling fingers is the best cure for a broken heart.

3. Tea is not a drink restricted to the months of Winter.

4. Once you have fallen asleep in the arms of somebody you adore, your bed no longer looks inviting – simply empty.

5. Rainy days are not an excuse to stay indoors.

6. Love isn’t as straightforward as Hollywood would have us believe, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth falling.

7. The smallest gesture can change a life.

8. There is nothing more comforting than a good book.

9. If you think the sky looks beautiful: take a photo – it will never look the same again.

10. Never conform simply because you do not fit society’s mould of beauty – wear the clothes that make you feel invincible, and listen to whatever music gets you up on your feet dancing around your room at 9pm on a Wednesday night.

11. Avoid procrastinating: the work has to be completed at some point, and pushing it aside will only cause anxiety and panic.

12. Look up from your phone for a few minutes each day, and appreciate the miracles of nature before they disappear.

13. A smile from a stranger lights up your heart and warms the deepest corners of your tired soul.

14. If you are trusted with a secret, those words are for your ears alone.

15. Love yourself from the moment you wake until the moment you fall asleep – nobody else will be able to love you the same.

16. Clean out your wardrobe every so often; there are hidden treasures in the most unlikely of places.

17. Don’t rush to turn 18 so soon – becoming an adult is not as glamorous as it seems.



Kisses and Cakes by John Powell.

ended up watching the movie after listening to this. gahhh. 

" I only see you when im at my best.
so i’ll do my best in feeling better, in order to keep seeing you again. "


Bu film unutulur mu hiç?